Please and Thank You! Tips to Teach Manners

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from Parent&Child Magazine

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The holiday season is magical in so many ways. Yet all the excitement, time with family, and indulgent treats can be overwhelming to your preschooler, especially when you’re gathered at the table for a special feast.

Here are a few tips to remember our good manners!

  • Keep It Familiar. Bring along your child’s special stuffed animal to relax with if he gets overstimulated. Have a favorite food available (peanut butter crackers, yogurt) to substitute for rich holiday foods that might make him fussy.
  • Prepare Ahead. Before the holiday, look at family photos so that distant relatives’ faces will be familiar and your child won’t feel intimidated talking with them at dinner.
  • Role Play. Ahead of time, set the table with a light snack. Together, practice holiday dinner manners by using conversational tones and polite words.
  • Develop a Signal. Rather than nag your child to stop moving his food with his fingers, arrange for a sign ahead of time (two raised fingers). Likewise, if he needs your help, he can give you the signal to rescue him.

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