Season of Advent

We all know that the Christmas season has begun…we started seeing it in the stores after Halloween!  However, a special time has also started that might help families refocus that Christmas excitement from “What gifts can I get?” to “Why are we celebrating this?” Sharing the story of The Nativity can really get children excited to share in the celebration leading to Jesus’ birthday.

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Joy for All Seasons Fundraiser!

Support Hilltop’s efforts to raise money for new playground equipment!  Parent’s of current Hilltop students you may register your child to receive a specific code so that they earn credit for sales and in return earn prizes! Friends of Hilltop you may make purchases simply by following the link below and entering this code  S502213 .  Items are delivered straight to your home!  So easy!

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“How was school today?”

You want to know all of the wonderful details of your Preschooler’s day and when you get to school the first thing you ask is “What did you today?” to which you will get the most typical answer “I don’t know.” or “I played.”  You know there is more to it than that!  Here is a list of questions that may help you to

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