Lunch Box Tips

Packing  a lunch for the first time?  Or just want to make sure that your child gets the most from that important mid-day meal?  Check out some of these ideas! 30 Lunch Ideas with NO Repeats. Do your kids complain if they eat the same thing all of the time?  Or are *you* tired of the same old??  This list from Peanut Blossom is for you.  

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Healthy Howard Program!

  Hilltop has developed a complete Wellness and Nutrition policy and continues to meet and exceed the requirements and standards to be a certified Healthy Howard Program since 2011!  We have a nutritionally balanced snack menu, ensure the children are active throughout the day, and teach healthy habits across our curriculum.

Water Day!

Water Day in our own backyard!  Each week of the summer finds new ways to play and explore in water!