“How was school today?”

You want to know all of the wonderful details of your Preschooler’s day and when you get to school the first thing you ask is “What did you today?” to which you will get the most typical answer “I don’t know.” or “I played.”  You know there is more to it than that!  Here is a list of questions that may help you to

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Lunch Box Tips

Packing  a lunch for the first time?  Or just want to make sure that your child gets the most from that important mid-day meal?  Check out some of these ideas! 30 Lunch Ideas with NO Repeats. Do your kids complain if they eat the same thing all of the time?  Or are *you* tired of the same old??  This list from Peanut Blossom is for you.  

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Summer Safety

Summer finds us all outdoors more often and with that there are some important reminders.  Your preschoolers will enjoy learning about summer safety as well as become helpers in their well-being with a few of these ideas. 1. Water, water, water! Not only is it great to play in but children need to take frequent water breaks while playing outdoors and even once they

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